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Dental Implants

Dental Implants

At Harrisonburg SmileMakers, we recommend dental implants as an effective way to restore lost teeth; they provide a durable, permanent option for oral reconstruction. In this process, titanium implants are surgically placed in the bone. Once the dental implants are restored with crowns or dentures, you will regain a natural-looking, beautiful new smile!

Dental Implants

Dental Implants offer a wide range of benefits:

  • Your teeth will look and feel natural, providing a confident smile
  • Elimination of discomfort or soreness that may be experienced with ordinary dentures or bridges
  • No slipping, allowing you to speak and eat normally

Letting lost teeth go untreated can cause a number of problems:

  • Missing teeth can affect what foods or drinks you can consume, which can lead to poor nutrition and overall health
  • Your bite can also be affected, causing your teeth to line up improperly which may lead to jaw joint or other bite problems
  • Your self-esteem can be reduced if you feel self-conscious about missing teeth

Patient Story

When Shelli needed to replace a tooth, she turned to the team she trusted with her whole family's complete dental care - Dr. Greg Johnson and SmileMakers.

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Questions And Answers

Question 1: What are implants?

Answer 1: Dental implants are metal anchors placed in the jaw bone underneath the gum tissue to support artificial teeth where natural teeth are missing. Unlike other types of tooth replacements, such as removable dentures or fixed bridges that are cemented to remaining teeth are missing. Unlike other types of tooth replacements, such as removable dentures or fixed bridges that are cemented to remaining teeth, dental implants are actually placed ("implanted") into the jaw bone under the gum tissue. These implants are usually made from a space-age metal called titanium, which is readily accepted by the body, and artificial teeth that look like natural teeth are then attached to the implants. Dental implants have been used since the 1960’s, and hundreds of thousands have been placed. Due to a phenomenon known as "osteointegration" meaning that bone actually attaches itself to the implant, these anchors provide a strong foundation that allows people with missing teeth to chew efficiently and comfortably.

Question 2: Who needs Implants?

Answer 2: Anyone who is missing teeth and can benefit from increased chewing efficiency, and improved appearance or speech, is a candidate for dental implants. Implants also do a great job of turning a partial or complete denture into a very secure solution without compromising any remaining teeth. Teeth that are missing due to an accident, disease, or birth defect can often be reconstructed using implants.

Question 3: Am I a candidate for Implants?

Answer 3: You are a candidate if:

  • You have enough bone to secure the implants.
  • You do not have a disease or condition that interferes with proper healing after implant surgery (e.g. uncontrolled diabetes, or radiation/chemotherapy for treating cancer).

A discussion with Dr. Johnson will determine if you are a candidate for dental implants. As a rule, age is not a barrier to implant treatment if you are in good health. In fact, thousands of people of all ages are turning to dental implants to replace a single missing tooth, several teeth, or all teeth.

If you have missing teeth and want to discuss dental implant options, please contact your Harrisonburg dentist at 540-432-9036 and let us help you regain your smile, not just for cosmetic reasons, but for your continued good health.