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 Comprehensive Orthodontic Treatment

We know the importance of getting a jump-start on that perfect smile. Besides just a beautiful smile, straight teeth are easier to keep clean which lowers the risk for gum disease and decay. We offer many different options to fit each lifestyle and budget. Personalized care is our motto! Check out some before and after shots of our patients. If you have any questions feel free to give us a call at 540-432-9036.

At no added charge our patients receive:

  • Additional cleaning
  • Sonicare Essence battery operated toothbrush
  • Take home Ortho Care Kit
  • Brightening of the teeth at the end of the treatment














A profile is created that includes X-rays (billed accordingly), study models, wax bite, and diagnostic photos. This is a $350 fee that will be credited back once the braces have been placed.
About a 2-4 weeks following the records a free consult will be administered to discuss the treatment, possible options, phase lengths, and fees.
Phase 1
Not everyone needs phase 1. This step includes orthopedic movement and bite correction necessary to prepare for braces. It may include appliances to set the bite and/or expand the arches. In children, we will wait to proceed to Phase 2 until the baby teeth are gone.
Phase 2
Placing the bands and brackets. This phase typically takes 12-16 months, and includes monthly checkups as we adjust the wires and fine tune your bite.
Complementary whitening to brighten your smile.
Complementary smoothing and reshaping of rough tooth edges if necessary.


Check out our 
invisible braces





What are my financial options?

Option 1:
If you are able to pay by check or cash at the beginning of treatment, we will offer you a 5% courtesy discount.

Option 2:
Pay as you go plan. We offer in-house financing for traditional braces during Phase 2. With this option, we ask for $1,000 when you commit to the treatment plan. The remaining balance is divided into monthly payments. We ask that you leave a credit card (Visa, Mastercard or Discover) on file that we can charge monthly, although you always have the option to mail a check before the due date.

Option 3:
Dental Insurance. As always we will help you file your insurance claim to maximize your benefits.

For more information about orthodontics and braces don't hesitate to call your Harrisonburg dentist at 540-432-9036.